Sibylle Jazra was born in Heidelberg raised in Osnabrück and educated in Münster Enschede and Amsterdam/ Netherlands, where she graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam. She skipped school for a short trip to South America (Colombia) together with her Syrian father learned to play Clarinet and likes to play Volleyball. She was trying out rowing, did Propdesign for a movie production in Cologne, got herself several pets, tried out to smoke but didn ́t like it, tried out to be short-haired but didn ́t like it either, was sculpting in Pietrasanta / Italy and travelled Canada, before she started working as an artist. She is married with three kids.​​​​​​​

Sorry for what I said when I was tired, 2021

Fabric, faux leather, silk, 162 × 112 cm

private collection